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WelcomeRenaissance Planning Group is a planning, design, and policy analysis consulting firm dedicated to creating cities that work. We specialize in the integration of transportation, land use, urban design, and technology for communities to create thoughtful, lasting plans and policies. Our core philosophy is placemaking – which is the art of creating livable physical environments supportive of transit, walking, bicycling and social interaction through urban design and multimodal transportation planning. From regions to streetscapes, we communicate by weaving together words, numbers and visualizations into compelling and easily understandable stories about place. We craft plans, policies, codes and regulations that provide clear intent and strategies to achieving community visions. Our professionals combine sound technical analysis with creative idea generation to help communities plan for their future. We believe strongly in the value of collaborative planning that connects technical disciplines with meaningful public participation. Welcome to our site. Come in, explore and learn a little more about us.

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